Certified Aqua Floats are have been manufactured for 40 years. We continue to expand the number of models of aircraft certified on our floats.  Aqua now builds floats for the experimental market too–they are available fully built and ready to go on your airplane. For details see” KIT-built Aquas–doing it your way". Our floats are all-aluminum, riveted, and sealed with a tough two-part sealant. We are asked frequently about other float-building materials: Fiberglass, Composites, etc. Our all-aluminum floats are rugged, extremely long-lasting, relatively inexpensive, and very easy to repair. 

We have not yet seen a material which can match aluminum in all these areas, particularly the punishment of rough-water take-offs and landings, and extremes of temperature. Ask around–we think you’ll find that we’re right. Aqua Floats are made out of 2024 T3 alclad aluminum, and extrusions are rugged 6061 T6. 

Our floats are built by hand–not a speedy process, but one which allows us to prime each and every piece before it is assembled, making our floats unequaled in their resistance to corrosion. Aqua’s flat, user-friendly decks, and the large cargo hatches (standard) make them comfortable to live with. In the event of a boo-boo, our flat-skin construction makes repairs a joy compared to costly and cantankerous fluted bottom floats, or glass or glued floats. We are a small company and our product is 100% American made. 

Our floats are built entirely by hand and as such, it is possible for us make improvements in the product, as we have done over these many years. Our floats are still very simple to work on, very low-tech. And they work. Hard, long, and well.