Saturday, December 14, 2013

Water flying is perhaps the most fun you can have with your airplane. Maybe you’ve already experienced that sense of freedom as your plane lifts from the runway and mounts skyward. Now feature this: NO Runway, NO Tower, NO Pattern … just the lapping of the waves, the smell of the fresh air, and the sun sparkling on the water as you taxi to your takeoff position. Your world is off the beaten path. Not your ordinary pilot here; Web-Foot Pilots are a breed apart … some say float flying is the best kept secret in aviation!

Seaplanes come in all shapes and sizes. Everything from kit-built ultralites to the old 40 passenger DC3 have been put on floats. There are “flying boats” like Avid’s Catalina which have no floats attached, but use the whole body of the plane like a boat to land in water. Avid’s Bandit on Aqua 950 kit floats or the Magnum on Aqua 1900’s make great waterbirds. some pilots believe there is no more fun toy in the world than the venerablePiper J-3 on Aqua certified 1500’s. Aqua’s safe, flat deck and stable installation and reasonable cost make it easy to love. Fly to your favorite fishing hole!

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