AQUA Model 1500

Piper J3 65, 75, 85 and 90hp.
Taylorcraft F-19, F-21, F-21A
Piper PA18 90 and 108hp

The 1500 float is about 15ft. long, each float weighs 100 lbs, and displaces 1434 lbs. It has a sturdy flat deck 12″ wide, and comes complete with all rigging and dual water rudders. Complete installation weight* is 250 lbs. Cost is around $17,170.

*a note about installation weight– there is lots of confusion in comparing weights of different brands of floats. Our installation weight includes the floats and all rigging and fuselage fittings necessaryto install the floats on the aircraft. Of course you need to deduct the weight of your landing gear from this to calculate actual weight added to your aircraft. Some companies will list only the weight of the “cans”, the floats. Be sure to ask!